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 I am Emma Macniak LMT, I have been a licensed massage therapist for 11 years. I have always been fascinated with the body and the wonders of the mind body connection, which I now get to experience first hand with my clients. When I first started in the massage field, I was working in spas and a mobile therapist in downtown Chicago; after a year  I worked with chiropractors and physical therapists, which really enlightened me on the concept of pain and how it affects people. 
This intrigued me to start working in hospice as I was lucky enough to have clients want me to be present with them during their time of transcendence from this life. That also gave me a very empowering skill, compassionate listening.
Which is now what I currently have for every client who gets on to my table. Working with hospice clients is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and will continue to do. It's a privilege and an insight into mortality, which helps me put forth my very best effort for every client I have ever laid my hands on, in order to relieve pain or comfort you with a compassionate touch.

 I have also worked with new moms and their infants to help them create a stronger bond between each other as I teach the mother proper ways of massaging their babies and why it is important to create a strong bond in order to fight off post partum depression, which is commonly experienced with new moms. Touch between humans is extremely special and some people fear touch, while others are uncomfortable with touch, then there are people who realize the importance of human touch. As babies thrive off of touch, love, and compassion, us adults become so overwhelmed and over worked that we forget to thrive for ourselves as the day to day grind gets in the way and creates so much stress that devastating effects happen to our mind and body. 
 I am here to help you become aware of your mind and connect with your body. By offering you time out for yourself and working with areas of the body that pain and distress you;you will become more aware of your body, while gracefully aging and forgetting to pay attention to ourselves.
 After being part of medical massage therapy community for the past ten years, I have extensive knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of the body and training in how to help you facilitate healing the body from years of abuse, overworked, tired, and stressed out muscles. 
 I decided to take the leap of becoming a sole practitioner of only  MWBW being my focus for the past 3 years and what an incredible, fulfilling journey that has been for me. As it has allowed me to also take time out for myself, my family, and allows me to work with clients while not being rushed from being booked back to back, but I get to see my clients as individuals and not a number. Which is where you, the client benefits most as I have time to fully listen to you, the clients!
  I have been partnered with Wrecking Ball MMA for the past two years and recently partnered also with Cross Fit 155 in Mundelein, IL as it gives me the ability to refer clients to personal trainers who I know are passionate about the health of themselves and of the community, as you can learn strengthening and conditioning for your body and also receive some of the best knowledge in the world of mixed martial arts.

This is their livelihood, they don't have second jobs, they live and breathe their passions! Wrecking Ball MMA, Cross Fit 155, and Midwest Bodyworks have teamed up to create the ultimate experience for people who want to improve and strengthen the mind and body! 
  When you schedule your first session with me, we will discuss your goals of health and what we can do to help you achieve those goals, with a happy body comes a happy mind. As they are interconnected so much so that pain can become debilitating and create depression or stress which can inhibit you being the best you can be! 

MWBW is also partnered with hands for heroes, which allows me to work with veterans and become more educated in the life of veterans, if you know a veteran or are one yourself please feel free to reach out! The Parkinson's Foundation has also welcomed me in their arms as I am contributing to the research between Parkinson's and massage therapy studies being conducted.  
 When I am not massaging I am either with my kids,  practicing Jiujitsu, Mauy Thai Boxing , gardening, reading books, taking classes to further my knowledge of the body, or taking walks in nature. I love to be surrounded by my friends and family, while relishing this little thing we call life. 
 Thank you for taking the time out to read about my passion for massage therapy and how I hope to help you.