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Thank you! 
Wrecking Ball MMA and Midwest Bodyworks would like to say thank you to everyone we have worked with in Volo! Without the support of you and dedication we would not be able to make one of the toughest MMA teams in the area! 
We have relocated  to Crossfit 155 in Mundelein, IL, which has welcomed Wrecking Ball MMA Team to offer an elite training center, as strength and conditioning can be obtained while learning the arts of Mauy Thai, Jujitsu, and MMA by coaches who have trained with the best and made MMA a lifestyle and not a job.

You will now be able to enjoy the benefits as Crossfit 155 and Wrecking Ball MMA are under one roof, working together to create the best you that you desire to be! 

Wrecking Ball MMA and Midwest Bodyworks is very excited to be joining Crossfit 155 in Mundelein, IL!
A full schedule to train in MMA, Juijitsi, Mauy Thai, and boxing is in full swing.  Massage therapy is also available on a full time basis and will be accepting appointments at Cross Fit 155 too! 
The Volo location is no longer open as Wrecking Ball and Midwest Bodyworks are making leaps and bounds growing , you can now find us at 
Cross Fit 155 
409 B Washington BLVD.
Mundelein, IL.
We know that you can also take advantage of the elite training now offered to Wrecking Ball as Cross Fit 155 has passionate coaches and can further your personal journey with MMA by focusing on your strength and conditioning as a fighter or reaching your personal goals for health.

Cross Fit 155, Wrecking Ball MMA team, and Midwest Bodyworks is here to help you become the best you. Make gains and break through with your strength and stamina, refine your techniques and learn the arts of MMA. While also offering to provide a rejuvenating  massage session tailored to your specific needs and body scrubs to refreshed your senses all under one roof! This elite training center now offers all you can desire for yourself as you are on your personal journey of a healthy life! The coaches, therapist, and staff is beyond amazing and supportive of your health, each business is separate but will work with you as reach your personal goals!